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Antiques, hanging shelves and 5 more things in the interior that negatively affect success
Does the person determine the environment or does the environment determine the person? The question is interesting - true, rhetorical. Naturally, we will not seek an answer to it, but…

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How to evaluate an antiques item?
Spoons, forks, cup holders, samovars, plates, figurines, and even old photographs with the image of strangers to you - all this in our time is an antiquity and has its…

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Antique paintings
In today's world, a huge number of people collecting antiques. This is one of the most fascinating and informative types of collecting. After all, in just a few years, you…

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The Swiss watch Vasheron & Constantine is considered one of the most expensive and prestigious in the world. In the second half of the 18th century, Switzerland, from a country full of coups and military mercenaries, smoothly transferred to a country with rapidly developing industry, where one of the main areas of industry was the production of watches.

Switzerland always paid great attention to watchmaking, so in 1601 a special guild of watchmakers was formed in Geneva, and at the end of the 18th century there could already count about 200 watch shops and more than 800 watchmakers. Jean-Marc Washeron, had to work in conditions of strong competition, which served as a tendency to constantly improve the quality and perfection of the characteristics of his watches, and already in 1770, Jean-Marc Washeron released the first pocket watch “Complication” with a complicated clockwork, which served as a kind of statement on the Swiss watch market about outstanding creative abilities. Continue reading

International Watch Company (IWC) – a Swiss company producing luxury watches.

The company was founded in 1868 by American watchmaker Florentin Ariosto Jones and watchmaker-entrepreneur Johann Heinrich Moser in the city of Schaffhausen. The newly made company was aimed at the production of watches in large volumes. One of the founders, Jones, was not only a watchmaker, but also an engineer, so he directed all his ambitions to create the best watches. The best watches. Continue reading


Copper has long been considered a magical material. Water did not deteriorate in copper dishes, pendants were protected from diseases, copper nickels were applied to a bruised place.

COPPER – the metal of Venus, which gives strength to soft gold, has the magical ability to clarify the feelings of man. A lack of copper in the body leads to anemia. Copper increases the body’s ability to resist infection, and the water, settled in copper dishes, acquires the ability to kill microbes. There is evidence that during the cholera and plague epidemics, as a rule, people who worked with copper and those who wore various copper objects on their bodies did not get sick: crosses, jewelry, hoops. Continue reading

Antiques of strategic importance

The materials feature more than 800 antiquities brought from Europe by truck. The scheme would not stand without the evaluators of the Ministry of Culture, but it worked for eight years. The ultimate beneficiaries are those Petersburgers who have nightstands at the price of a studio apartment. According to Fontanka, on October 29, investigative actions continue. A day earlier, the second wave of the implementation of the Main Investigation Department of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region began. It is associated with the initiation of a multi-episode case under Article 226.1 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation – smuggling of strategically important cultural property. For understanding – under this article in Russia they would judge the seller of the atomic bomb. Continue reading

Can I sell icons from home?

To talk about such a complex topic, let’s turn to the story. Who knows how icons fell into people’s hands?

In fact, an icon could reach a person in several ways:

In large cities and with large churches there were workshops that painted icons. They didn’t draw, but wrote. People who had an education and specially studied icon painting. Each region had its own schools and workshops, which experts now determine by the features of painting on the icon. Each region had its own distinctive style. People came to these workshops and ordered there the icons that they needed. Naturally, this was not done for free. Money was paid for such icons, and sometimes not very small. Then on this icon, sometimes a salary was ordered – a metal cover made of brass and silver. Continue reading

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Most often, customers are offered silver pair Saturday candlesticks, Hanukkah lamps, all kinds of aromatics, pointers and the so-called “kid glasses” or, depending on the shape, size, “kid’s glasses” created…


Antiques Assessment - Customer Information
Evaluation and buying up antiques today is one of the popular forms of selling old things. If you consider it necessary not just to throw things away, but to find…


Antiques as a way of investing
Analysts note a steady increase in the price of antiques. That is why this market is so interesting for investing. In addition, on average, any antique item rises in price…


Private letters of Buccaneers
At the moment, between collectors around the world, a real fight has unleashed for unique exhibits from the past, and these exhibits are not related to any one theme, such…