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Pictures steal: what is valued in the black antiques market

Experts call the unfortunate misunderstanding what happened in the Tretyakov Gallery. The alleged kidnapper was able to calculate in hot pursuit. The picture was found. Nevertheless, there are many more questions than answers regarding the crime – it is not completely clear what drove the 31-year-old suspect. Izvestia experts talked about how things are today on the black market of art and antiques.

Oil painting: in the Tretyakov Gallery in broad daylight stole the work of Kuindzhi
It took policemen less than a day to find the criminal and the stolen canvas
He took off the wall
This shocked many event happened at the Tretyakov Gallery on January 27. An unknown man in front of visitors took off the canvas of Arkhip Kuindzhi “Ai-Petri. Crimea ”and calmly carried out of the museum. Eyewitnesses were somewhat surprised at what was happening, but mistook the thief for an employee of a cultural institution.

The police, who arrived at the Tretyakov Gallery, quickly established the signs of the kidnapper and his accomplice, who was sitting at the wheel of the waiting Mercedes. The very next morning, the police and FSB operatives managed to solve a daring crime.

“A 31-year-old man suspected of theft was detained in the village of Zarechye, Moscow Region. The painting was found at a building under construction in the Odintsovo district. According to preliminary data, the crime was committed out of mercenary motives, ”said spokeswoman for the Ministry of Internal Affairs Irina Volk.

Denis Chuprikov, suspected of stealing the picture of the artist Arkhip Kuindzhi “Ai-Petri. Crimea ”from the Tretyakov Gallery, in the Tagansky District Court of Moscow

According to a Izvestia source, at the end of last year, a man was detained by operatives of the capital’s anti-drug unit of the Ministry of Internal Affairs on the way to a heroin cache, the so-called bookmark. The suspect, who was a native of Theodosius, was charged with possession of narcotic substances. He was left on his own recognizance not to leave – the man has a newborn dependent child. Together with his companion, he lived in a rented apartment, where, in fact, he was detained. A version is being worked out that the actions of the suspect could have been inadequate – he was assigned a forensic psychiatric examination for sanity. Nevertheless, the main version of the motive is self-serving. He hid the picture carefully wrapped in a quilted jacket at the object under construction. This fact and other measures taken to preserve the canvas suggest that the painting was subsequently prepared for transfer to third parties for resale. By the way, it is also known about the young man that several hundred thousand rubles of debt are listed behind him.

Theory of “laundering” paintings

“Preliminary version – a loner with selfish motives”
Police Colonel Oleg Koltunov – about how and by whom the painting of Arkhip Kuindzhi stolen from the Tretyakov Gallery was found
One of the versions that the detectives are checking is related to an attempt to transport the canvas across the Russian-Ukrainian border. However, the further goal of the alleged partners is difficult to understand. Experts unanimously say that it is extremely difficult to put a picture with such a biography into legal circulation, and even more so put up for auction.

“Such works, I mean their criminal fate, are not in demand on the market. It’s simply unrealistic to sell a painting by a famous painter stolen from the Tretyakov Gallery on the market, ”Ekaterina Ponomarenko, senior researcher at the Scientific Research Expertise named after Izvestia, told Izvestia. P.M. Tretyakov. ” In the practice of a specialist, there were cases when people tried to sell stolen things, but always it was about thefts from private collections.

There are things that many wealthy collectors want to get. This is the work of 5-6 artists that are simply impossible to get, says another connoisseur of the international antiques market.

According to the staff of the Scientific Research Examination named after P.M. Tretyakov ”, it’s simply unrealistic to sell the canvas of a famous painter stolen from the Tretyakov Gallery on the market

“There are top names for which interest does not subside, for example, Petrov-Vodkin. But they are not on the market. They are so well-known and published that no one will dare to order a crime – there are no madmen. Such things are for cinema, ”says a museum worker with many years of experience, Moscow collector Alexander Savinov.

Art without the masses: what problems did the kidnapping of Kuindzhi’s canvas reveal?
Will the case in the Tretyakov Gallery lead to a revision of the security system in museums
According to him, such crimes often begin situationally. “For example, a few years ago, things were stolen during transportation at the Literary Museum. As it turned out, a security guard stole them, and still part of the stolen property is wanted, ”says Savinov.

Criminals are often caught at the very moment when they are trying to attach a masterpiece. To sell such a thing is generally very difficult – you need a solid buyer.

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