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Antiques in the antique market today

The consumer trend is by no means formed in demand!
The subtitle is probably too “cocky”, but according to our observations, the assortment of antique salons and, in general, the antiques market is often formed not only by demand but by supply, because an antique thing is an old item that has been preserved for a long time, often exists in a single copy, therefore the market is often formed on the basis of the principle “we managed to find what we sell”, which means that traders can influence Purchasing in some way, offering the Buyer familiar and exotic items that are not related to and to one steadily acquired group of antique objects, such as, for example, ancient icons, paintings, furniture, silver or porcelain.

If we take the time frame of things that are commonly called antiques today, then these will be items preserved from ancient times, from the other end of the time line, there will probably be a mark indicating the end date of the existence of the USSR.

Therefore, for example, when any of the potential Buyers of antiques doesn’t fall into the ruins of a flea market, or looks into one of the provincial shops selling antiques, he wonders if there are a lot of old or old things there, which, in fact, could be called ordinary junk, if not for their advanced age, at the same time transferring them from the category of waste “figovins” to the category of antique rarities!

Tell me, for example, which one of you might need a rusty bracket from a gate or a broken shuttle from a village loom? Chrome boots, a cap with a cracked visor, a skeleton from an umbrella, a shirt-shirt or a shabby embroidered towel, as well as a bunch of any, almost indefinable, in its past purpose, wooden or metal rubbish – all this has been lying on the same Moscow Vernissage for years and is unlikely in the coming years there will be at least some purpose for this “wealth” and a grateful Buyer will acquire these, and many other strange-looking items, which, if taken into account in absolute quantity, will probably more than overlap many times about “useful” antiques that have long been in demand by collectors and lovers of Russian antiquity.

Of course, people bought and will buy the same old icons or old porcelain, responding little to the above trash-like exotics, so attempts to create a consumer trend by throwing frank trash on the market are likely to be doomed to failure, but this does not mean that trash will disappear from the shelves .

It is enough to open today one of the online auctions created in the image and likeness of the recently closed Hammer to make sure that our words are correct: worthless ancient objects were “registered” in excess here.

What are they willing to buy today, what antique items are most in demand?
In principle, in order to understand this, it is enough to familiarize yourself with the assortment of one of the antique dealerships constantly held in Moscow, which are traditionally organized in the Central House of Artists on Krymsky Val.

Here the elite of antique trade gathers, for whom the sale of antiques is a real and serious business. Well-worn chrome boots, wooden tubs, rusty forged nails and grips with sickles You are here, even if you make significant efforts, you will not find.

Elite sellers offer to buy antiquities to the same elite Buyers, people who are rich, respectable, including well-known collectors of Russia.

And of course, antiques here correspond to the level of the event, clearly giving the layman a signal: these are some rare antiques that are of interest to the elite, that’s what is interesting to real collectors and well-off people, and such Buyers, as you know, don’t throw big money in vain and when they drop out, they clearly understand that the expensive antiques they bought in the future can not only save their value, but they can even rise in price, often very much!

So what is in a constant, steady trend, what you need to buy now, knowing for sure that it is “the right antiques”, liquid at all times?

The undisputed leaders at the same Moscow Antique Salon were and remain ancient icons, and we are sure that this trend in purchasing will only intensify.

Many people wish to buy ancient icons of various times, styles, schools and places of manufacture today, therefore we provide you with this unique opportunity on the pages of the sites “Buy Antiquities!” and “Offen”: remember, you can buy old icons from us, and at an affordable price!

You can probably give the second place to painting: old paintings, as you know, are also a very profitable object for investing, and of course, these are objects that you can be proud of. Many buyers are interested in antique dishes, among which several separate directions stand out.

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