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Collecting antique books – a lesson for wealthy people

Collecting antique books – a lesson for wealthy people
Today, antique bookstores and collectibles of antique tomes are experiencing a real boom. This was greatly facilitated by the last decree on antiques from 1994, which determines that any print media whose publication year is before 1950 can be considered antique books.

However, do not rush to the libraries of grandparents, ruining them ugly. Each publication has a price, but not always the one you expect to receive for it. Anyway, everyone decides on the rarity of a book for himself independently, based on his own considerations and outlook on life.

The middle of the XVI century is considered the heyday of the professional trade in book antiques. For example, at that time book fairs were held annually in Germany, where everyone could sell or buy a tome. By the way, this tradition has been preserved in Germany until now. As for Russia, the first true connoisseur of book antiques in our country was I.F. Ferapontov. However, he was far from the only collector of the book collection, which subsequently formed the basis of modern museum and library collections.

Collecting antique books is an activity for wealthy people. An antique book is worth a lot of money. Apparently, this explains the fact that the majority of second-hand antique dealers live in the Moscow region, where there are much more rich people than in the provinces.

What affects the value of the book? There are a lot of determining factors – this is the content of the book, and its safety, and the year of issue, and the decoration, and the availability of bookplates and much more. Currently, books of the 19th century are especially valued. It is them that quite often the courier delivery service of Moscow brings buyers of online auctions. True, there are far more rare editions of the eighteenth century. But much less often, since they belong to the national heritage and few risk buying such books for a private collection.

So before deciding to collect antique literature, you should weigh the pros and cons, taking into account how painful this hobby will hit your family budget.

Despite the fact that broadcasting facilities are well developed today, a real collector still sometimes lacks suitable materials in which he can familiarize himself with collectibles – their value, cost and the like.

Trade in antique books in Russia from the era of Peter I to the present day
The developed system of book antiques trade, with the relevant rules and laws, is one of the most important components in creating the most favorable conditions for the emergence of a collection of antique printed and manuscript books. In book antiques, as, perhaps, in no other area of ​​antique collecting, a competent intermediary specialist is needed between the collector and the owner of the subject of his interest.

The smell of eras
I would like to note that such a phenomenon as book collecting is currently at the revival stage. This can be said of his new era. The so-called “antique” books are perhaps the most expensive hobby, if we talk about collecting exactly antiques.

Second-hand books in the second half of the 19th century
The post-reform period was marked by an increase in the product supply in the book market, which was provided by publishers. In the second-hand market, the volume of product supply increased due to the influx of books from the gradually ruined “noble nests”.

Three military pre-revolutionary books
Books are in great demand among collectors around the world, especially if these books are the primary sources of this or that information.

Dear books – a luxurious source of knowledge!
Despite the fact that in our time we “draw” the basic information from the media (Internet, television), ordinary books acting as “paper carriers” do not give up their positions. But in order to interest potential readers of the publishing house, one has to keep pace with the times.

Bindings of old Russian books
The appearance and preservation of the book affect its value. The code that came to replace the scroll, for better safety, began to be enclosed in a binding, consisting of two hard covers and a spine, which were fastened to the book block with glue using bookends and capitals.

The story of an unusual book
Felix Faure grew up in a poor family of the owner of a small workshop. Parents tried their best to educate their son. After studying in England, Felix worked as an assistant leather merchant, and soon thanks to perseverance and hard work became the owner of an entire shipyard.

Ownership and other signs on books
Ancient books created in one historical era bear on themselves both signs of their time and subsequent eras.

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