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18th Century Antiques: Real Works of Art The 18th century is called the gallant century in history: it was at this time that exquisite arts, fashion and entertainment were elevated.…

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Antiques, hanging shelves and 5 more things in the interior that negatively affect success

Does the person determine the environment or does the environment determine the person? The question is interesting – true, rhetorical. Naturally, we will not seek an answer to it, but we will insure ourselves: we will remove from everyday life things that can negatively affect the life path. What kind? Read in our material.

Gala Mikhailova
columnist, interior designer and co-owner of DELARO8 textile design studio
In order to combine the potential success in business and life, there are many ways. Today I will propose one of them – to exclude objects that negatively affect the concentration of positive energy in the house. Of course, if you have already tried all other methods.

Columns, partitions
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Life style
Actual item for those who live outside the city. Often pipes from a fireplace or stove can divide a room into four parts. In such a “fragmented” atmosphere, it is better not to start. If this division is not neutralized, all savings will be like on a powder keg. Yes Yes! What to do? For example, block the pipe with living plants: put them in small tubs and fix at least one at eye level.

Shelf Doors
You will be surprised, but in Feng Shui teachings, the ribs of open shelves are a source of unfavorable sha energy, which makes a person vulnerable. It does not sound very convincing, but this theory has the right to life: we often feel annoyed when we notice how someone did not close the cabinet door.

To minimize such an “intercostal” risk, a rack will help instead of a cabinet in a study or bedroom, but you can leave your favorite wall in the kitchen. The rule applies only to residential premises.

Hinged shelf
But the shelves above the head are even bigger problems. It happens that things do not go. In work, you are waiting for a dirty trick and cheating, and people whisper behind their backs. This pressure is the pressure of lack of space.

Analyze, have you recently hung a shelf over the place where you rest or sleep? Yes? This is the solution to the problem. Move it to your office or move the sofa and take a deep breath!

Fragmented mirror
If you grew up and live in Russia, grandmother’s “Do not look in a broken mirror!” quite familiar.
It seems that an old sign is suitable not only for accidentally broken, but also for fashionable designer mirrors. The effect of it is cumulative, like from a bad face cream: it seems to be nothing, but at the end of use – disaster, self-doubt and loss of energy.

If you are already a “happy” owner of such a mirror, try to outweigh it in such a way that it becomes impossible to look into fragments.

Hallway Mirror
On this topic

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Life style
And a little more about mirrors. The mirror in front of the front door is an attribute of 80% of Russian interiors. Convenient and necessary. Our home-grown design is contrary to the rules of Feng Shui: together with the incoming and outgoing mirror projections of friends and acquaintances, our finances are flowing. They just take them with them! In order not to create such an unsuccessful portal, it is better to move the mirror deeper into the hallway.

Many doors in one place
A stunning discovery, this item will be for those who found the classic five-story building. It turns out that the long worm of the corridor with doors located as far as possible from each other, fundamentally contradicts the principles of Feng Shui philosophy.

The place in the house where all the doors meet is a point that adversely affects your energy and insists like an oatmeal in the central part of the house. “What can I do, tear down all the bearing walls?” – you ask.

Design comes to the rescue!

If the “pit” in your apartment already exists, you should hang iridescent designer structures in the center of it. You can also add light – reflecting and glaring, this couple reliably protects from destructive energy for success.

Antique furniture

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Life style
Contrary to popular belief, Feng Shui does not prohibit having your favorite antique figurine in the house. The doctrine makes strict demands only on furniture – for a healthy circulation of energy, it must be restored before use.

So, buying a sofa at a flea market in Paris or at an antique shop in Shanghai, lay not only the tax value of the item, but immediately find someone who will update the interior item.

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