Antique dolls
The choice of a profession, let alone a hobby, cannot always be explained logically. Why does a respectable man with a mustache devote himself to carving wooden horses, and does…

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The beautiful French word Chatlin at the end of the seventeenth century was called a special, metal chain. One end of which was fixed on the clothes of gentlemen and…

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The attention of people to antiques is attracted by two reasons. The first is the love of history, the state and, in connection with these ancient objects that bear the…

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been restored

Antique dolls

The choice of a profession, let alone a hobby, cannot always be explained logically. Why does a respectable man with a mustache devote himself to carving wooden horses, and does a business madame enroll in courses on the manufacture of papierclay dolls? Or suddenly begins to tidy up the shabby and eyeless little dolls, spend a lot of money on porcelain young ladies and old teddy bears … Maybe the child inside her, who, they say, is napping in each of us, woke up and wanted to play? Dolls older than 75 years are awarded the title of antique Photo: Depositphotos Looking at the collection of antique dolls, you get the feeling that you are in a parallel world, where everything is as we have, and at the same time, surprisingly, mysteriously. Under a magnificent skirt of a German chrysalis made more than a hundred years ago, a bag with wood shavings, sawdust or cotton wool can be hidden. Continue reading

Antiques Assessment – Customer Information

Evaluation and buying up antiques today is one of the popular forms of selling old things. If you consider it necessary not just to throw things away, but to find a worthy application for them and get a reward for this, then this article will be useful for you.

What is antiques?
Not all things that are stored in your attic can be considered antiques. Various antiques that have a certain value can be considered antiques. Antiques – an object of collecting and trade. This category mainly includes:
· Books;
· Coins;
· Icons / church utensils;
· Jewelry;
· Household items and more. Continue reading

For those who have everything – “future antiques”

The Odessa Museum of Modern Art (Sabansky Lane, 4a) opened a personal exhibition of the sculptor Alexander Podmasco. In fact, antiques can be declared to calm the soul any junk sweetheart that was made at least half a century ago. But the organizers of the exhibition with the proud name “Future Antiques” had in mind quite different things. The charm of antiquity plus a high level of performance, a healthy commitment to tradition.

The works of Alexander Podmasco would look very appropriate against the background of antique dark wood furniture, with noble carvings. Reflected in the mirrors, they multiply their solid, status, non-fussy beauty.

Surely in 50 years some impressive collector of antique gizmos will be proud of the Poltava Battle chess set, the Zaporizhzhya Sich vodka set, the Neptune and Mermaid cups, the Volna lamp, or any of the many figurines. In addition to the works themselves, the author presented photographs of works that he had already parted with. Continue reading

Copper has long been considered a magical material. Water did not deteriorate in copper dishes, pendants were protected from diseases, copper nickels were applied to a bruised place. COPPER -…


Private letters of Buccaneers
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Antique clock
What is antiques in general? Antiques mean various categories of antiques having one or another value. Value most often consists, in addition to age and material of manufacture, from rarity…


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