The secrets of the antique dealer Agathon Faberge
Everyone knows the famous antiquarian Agafon Faberge, the eldest son of the famous Russian jeweler Karl Faberge. Many secrets and omissions are associated with his name. Where did the collection…

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The security of your collection
If you often visit various sites or forums that are devoted to collecting, you probably have come across more than once information on how to protect your collection from all…

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For those who have everything - “future antiques”
The Odessa Museum of Modern Art (Sabansky Lane, 4a) opened a personal exhibition of the sculptor Alexander Podmasco. In fact, antiques can be declared to calm the soul any junk…

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behind their backs

18th Century Antiques: Real Works of Art

18th Century Antiques: Real Works of Art
The 18th century is called the gallant century in history: it was at this time that exquisite arts, fashion and entertainment were elevated. The Versailles Courtyard, Baroque and Rococo received absolute recognition.

The Turandot Antique Gallery presents to your attention 18th century antiques in excellent condition. Present yourself real baroque diamonds!

Of particular interest in our gallery is painting: luxurious still lifes of the Flemish school, paintings by such great Russian artists as Serebryakov and even a sketch of the famous Benoit. The pearl of the gallery is the painting “Bathing the Sultana” by the famous French artist Jacques de Lajoux. Continue reading

Pictures from the exhibition, or How to buy masterpieces?

Once we had an art day – we went to the sale of paintings in the House of Bessarabian Jews (there is such a building in Tel Aviv). This is the second sale we visited – the first was a few years ago. Tel Aviv-Bessarabian Jewish House Photo: Source When we go there, we don’t even think there is anything to buy there. There are at least two reasons for this: there is no money and nothing to buy. And what draws us there? I just want to get involved in contemporary art.

In general, this can be done at least every day – many galleries, for all tastes. But there is no such review of a constantly operating and huge exhibition of paintings. Photo: Boris Rokhlenko, personal archive of the Pictures – many, exhibited about 1000 paintings and reproductions. There are originals. There are reproductions. There are famous names, there are popular names, there are completely unknown names. Prices – from $ 50 per reproduction to $ 5,000 per original. Here is an artist who repeatedly copies her paintings. She is already so famous, her galleries are so full of works that there is simply nowhere else to go. Continue reading

Antiques, hanging shelves and 5 more things in the interior that negatively affect success

Does the person determine the environment or does the environment determine the person? The question is interesting – true, rhetorical. Naturally, we will not seek an answer to it, but we will insure ourselves: we will remove from everyday life things that can negatively affect the life path. What kind? Read in our material.

Gala Mikhailova
columnist, interior designer and co-owner of DELARO8 textile design studio
In order to combine the potential success in business and life, there are many ways. Today I will propose one of them – to exclude objects that negatively affect the concentration of positive energy in the house. Of course, if you have already tried all other methods.

Columns, partitions
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Relics of Thailand
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Antique clock
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